One Heart

Mixed media on canvas
100x70 cm (40x27 inch) in

Although people may have diverse nationalities and identities, the concept of "divided by colors, united by heart" says that they can join together and form one cohesive whole based on similar beliefs and feelings.

From a philosophical point of view, this approach is consistent with cosmopolitanism, which believes that all people are a part of a single society and share a similar moral code. This viewpoint emphasizes the significance of appreciating and respecting each person's dignity and worth, regardless of their national, ethnic, or cultural heritage.

Also, the idea of "separated by colors joined by heart" emphasizes the ability of compassion and empathy to unite individuals. It implies that despite our differences, we can relate to people more deeply by understanding and sharing their feelings and experiences.

Generally speaking, the idea of "separated by colors unified by heart" promotes a positive and open image of human collaboration and harmony, based on shared values and feelings rather than outward distinctions.

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