Forest vibes

Arcylic On Canvas
18/24 inch (45/60 cm ) in

The trees, address me in hushed tones. They want me to believe all of the things they want me to believe. "You are powerful," the trees say. You're quite tall. Like me, you will ascend.

The wind is blowing. Be like me, he whispers. Allow yourself to be wild and free. Forgive. Allow them access. I can hear the waves talking to me. Their indestructibility, their never-ending crash Backwards and forwards, backward and forwards. I'm being told to keep going by the waves.

The world will continue to revolve around you. The waves will continue to crash, the wind will continue to howl, and the trees will continue to stand tall. Keep going as the season's change. Maintain your fortitude. Be tenacious. Allow yourself to be let in. Simply be.

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