How to Create the Art You've Always Wanted to Create

This article is for people who are serious about becoming a master artist and developing their own style. Do you believe that being a painter is impossible because of your lack of technical skill?


Even though you may not trust yourself when it comes to art, there are ways to get creative even when you think that you can't. Don't aspire to be a master of the medium. Instead, strive to be the best at what you do.

When I started to paint, I never knew it would be something I am going to love so desperately. I have a very tight schedule since I have a 24/7 corporate job, still I tried to pursue my passion no matter what. It is said that “Passion” is what one would do without pay or a passion could also just be a job that allows you to pay the bills and enjoy your passion. However, most people never realize what their passion in life is because they believe it is something that they are naturally good at, you have to find your passion it is not something that is just handed to you on a silver platter.

Before starting to paint I wasn’t sure I would find my soul here, I kept wandering and exploring every new thing until I found one.


What Interest me most in pursuing painting as my passion

There comes a time in your life, when you search for meaning in everything you do or you feel. You start to question every intuitive feeling intrigues your heart and mind. I started to discover the intense passions, unavoidable obsessions and staunch beliefs about the powers of color around me. My thoughts and visions were piling up on my chest, I was desperate to come up with a way to release the emotion that has been built up inside of me. And then one day I did my first painting in oil pastel’s.

After creating almost 60 painting I wanted to exhibit my paintings in any platform but I faced instant complications as I don’t happen to have any background from fine arts also don’t have any academic recognition in fine arts. And I decided to host an exhibition for the obscure artist of Bangladesh, an exhibition with artists who doesn’t have any academic fine arts background. This was my first exhibition with 180 artist and 300 paintings. Words will fail to express the inspiration all the 180 obscure artists received after participating in this exhibition.

Meanwhile I found myself leading and motivating thousands of obscure artists in an online platform. The most important thing I learned from all these artists was that they were all from different professional, working artists – creating the art they wanted to create, and making a living doing so. They required no authority or gallery owner to tell them if their art was good or not.


Over the years I have participated in multiple national and international exhibitions. The best part about doing regular art events was the constant demand to create more paintings. Creating one painting a week was hardly enough. The more I painted, the better I got. As the years passed, I could look back over each year of paintings on my website, and the changes were dramatic. I was never pressured to paint in any way other than how I wanted to paint. My own unique style was allowed to grow and mature without teachers, without criticisms, without input from other galleries or persons wanting to make money off my artwork





Why have I told you this long story? The title of this essay is “How to Create the Art You’ve Always Wanted to Create.” The answer is simple: you paint. And then you paint another painting. And then you paint 60 more. And then 100 more. You learn to paint in your own style, in the style you’ve always wanted to paint in, by painting. 

When you are first starting out, every painting does not need to be a masterpiece. It is more important to finish a painting (even if you hate the finished product) and start on a new one, taking what you learned from the previous painting and applying it to a fresh, white, un-muddied canvas. This gradual development by trial and error, painting by painting, is how you build your own unique style. You do not build a style by trying to make your first painting into a masterpiece right off the bat. You build a style by painting a great number of paintings. Eventually you create a niche of your own, your own way of holding the brush that creates a unique style of brush strokes, your own way of mixing color to come up with the hues you like to work with best, your own style of composition and rhythm within each painting that eventually will be recognized as your painting and no one else’s.

Your art is a reflection of how you respond to life – your emotions, your experiences, your values, beliefs and choices – the sum of what makes you unique. Trust it and follow and you’ll encounter many discoveries about yourself waiting to be revealed.

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