Mahfuzur Rahman - corporate professional to a creative artist

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A finance specialist by training and profession, Mahfuzur Rahman’s passion has always remained for art. He is currently pursuing his hobby as a creative impressionist artist for a painting knowledge and culture content startup named ‘Mahfuz Canvas’ which is in its launching process. 

 “The pre-launch support activities have challenged the artist in me and I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of it, showcasing my artistic vision and drawing skills as to suit the given content. Getting to work with such a passionate team brings the best out of me”, said Mahfuzur Rahman.

A Master in Business Administration graduate in finance, he works as a corporate finance professional in a reputed multinational company as well as pursues his dream in painting as a Bangladeshi artist. Even while working, he always searches for a way to explore his creativity. Colors and their blends in all forms have been something he has ardently loved since a very young age.

For Mahfuzur Rahman, both creativity and passion reinforce and accentuates each other and bring out the best art form. Getting attracted by the hidden patterns and making connections between things that are not normally related is his way of coming up with new ideas.

He said, “Passion is the energy that comes from bringing more of you into what you do. It’s being who you are and doing what comes naturally.” 

When asked who his inspiration is, he Mahfuzur Rahman said he finds inspiration everywhere.  

“This is the pleasure I receive from creating art that inspires me as an artist. I produce art to express an image of impressionism form but with my own artistic style. In each work of art, my intent is to depict compositions with lifelike details and qualities,” he said.

In his short career period, he has had solo shows, and has participated in more than 20 art exhibitions in eight countries, including the Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy Exhibition, Art Basel USA, World Art Dubaietc, and several others in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the United States with many more exciting events coming up.

According to Mahfuzur Rahman, creating a strong customer connection is very important for any successful artist. He makes sure to try and connect with his customers by sharing the inspiration and the creative process behind the piece. For him, it is not just about a sale, he stays up to date with what is happening in the art industry all over the world which helps him reach out and identify his clients and stay on their radar.

Making it in the art world is not merely a game of luck. It takes vision and determined efforts. Mahfuzur Rahman consciously keeps his thoughts, words and actions aligned to his goals, and works with confidence and positivity. Every time an art piece finds a new home, or every effort he puts in to be a part of an artwork, he is ecstatic and makes sure to give it his best.

“Painting is a reality, among realities, which has been felt and formed”, Mahfuzur Rahman said. 

To know more about his works, anyone can visit his website: and Instagram @mahfuz_canvasart.

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