Finalist in 45th ARTAVITA online art contest

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Artavita is an online forum where artists can see and be seen, while staying current on upcoming events, exhibitions and opportunities to share their work. Designed for artists by artists, creating a profile and displaying your work on Artavita is either free or available with enhanced features - unlimited images and greater visibility - on the Featured Plan. Artists and gallery owners alike are invited to sign up to become a part of this growing community of those of us who have chosen a life in art.

Artists on Artavita have the opportunity to exhibit their work and share their latest news with fellow artists and gallery owners from around the world.

45th ARTAVITA Online Art Contest was held on april 24th , 2021 .

One of Mahfuzur Rahman's painting Aurora Borealis was selected for the finals Browse all the contest entries



News link of the artavita contest 



Likewise he is the only featured artist from Bangladesh in artavita platform Visit Mahfuzur Rahman's profile in artavita

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