"Obscure Artists" virtual exhibition on international painting portal ‘Artavita.com’.

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Obscure artist 2nd International Exhibition on a virtual gallery of "ARTAVITA " : youtu.be/58tSBrpDT1Q




For the second time ‘Obscure Artists of Bangladesh’ (OAB), a group of artists, has organised an international online art exhibition. The exhibition is scheduled to kick off from November 1 and will continue throughout the month until 30 november 2020

The exhibition has been organised on popular international painting portal ‘Artavita.com’.

Intending to provide an organized platform and inspiration to the Obscure Artists of Bangladesh, a Facebook group has made a platform named ‘Obscure Artist of Bangladesh’. The founder and admins of ‘Obscure Artist of Bangladesh’ is going to organise the exhibition.

Total 60 artists will exhibit their art works on this international platform through. Within a year of the inception of the group they have already successfully organized one national art exhibition and four contests for the enthusiastic members.

The founder of the group Mahfuzur Rahman said, “The obscure artists must need spaces and platforms to display their extraordinary creativities, and their endeavours to inspire them to move forward. Now this time we got opportunity to showcase their outstanding art works through ‘Artavita.com’ which is the most famous online Art Place for showcasing the paintings.”

The national and international viewers will enjoy this event through dedicated mobile app ‘ArtavitaVE’ (Artavita Virtual Exhibition) as well as their website ‘artavita.com’. 

The founder and admins of the group expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all the members and the participants for the 2nd International Online Art Exhibition of ‘Team Obscure’.

Watch the full video of virtual exhibition Obscure artist 2nd International Exhibition on a virtual gallery of "ARTAVITA "

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