News coverage of THE DAILY SUN - Obcure Artists " launches "Thoughts Behind My Painting" online event in May

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Social media-based artists group Obscure Artists of Bangladesh is launching an exclusive virtual art event titled "Thoughts Behind My Painting" from May 1st to May 30. 

Towards the vision of moving forward the enthusiastic and talented artists of Bangladesh and share their creative thoughts to the world, the virtual event based on its Facebook group will honour the participating artists with an exciting prize pool, the organizers told UNB.


Regarding the event, renowned Bangladeshi artist and founding administrator of the organizing group Obscure Artist of Bangladesh Khadizatul Qubra said, “Most of our artists in our Facebook group are self-taught, but their potentiality reflects possibilities of standing internationally. Due to  lack of a proper platform, they are unable to expose their outstanding creativity to the world, and through this unique event we are going to provide them with an equal opportunity to showcase their artworks to the world, and encourage them to keep on practising.” 


“Through this event, we believe all of our members will be able to enrich their knowledge and style of their paintings," she added.

The paintings of the artists are required to be categorized under a total of 22 painting styles, including Abstract, Abstract expressionism, Art deco, Conceptual, Cubism, Dada, Documentary, Expressionism. Figurative, Fine art, Folk, Illustration, Impressionism, Minimalism, Modern, Photorealism, Pop art, Portraiture, Realism, Street art,  Surrealism, and Calligraphy.

The art event will honour  top 3 artists with crests, certificates and a total of 20,000 taka prize money. The top 50 artists of the event will be featured in the June-2021 edition of a special magazine set to be published by the organizers. Also, each participant will receive a digital certificate for their participation.

Admins and moderators of the Obscure Artists of Bangladesh's Facebook group will judge the submitted paintings and the integrated thoughts behind the creation of the artworks. The selection result of this event will be announced on June 15, 2021. 

With almost 20 thousand members, the artists' group has become one of the largest artists' communities in the country and has been actively encouraging the 'obscure' artists from the very beginning of the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19. The group has previously arranged international online exhibitions and a significant number of prestigious events through social media.

Artist Mahfuzur Rahman, founder of the Obscure Artist of Bangladesh told UNB, “Our Facebook group has been set up back in October 2019 with the intention to provide an organized platform and inspiration to the ‘obscure’ artists of Bangladesh. The response we got in return is unbelievable and overwhelming. Our endeavours are pretty focused- we want to inspire these artists and give them a platform they deserve to showcase their extraordinary talents and creativity”.


Details of the event can be found at the Facebook group of Obscure Artists of Bangladesh. 

group link : OBSCURE ARTISTS



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