'Jolkonna – Naiads the Water Nymphs' at Bishwo Shahitto Kendro

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An exhibition titled, Jolkonna - Naiads the Water Nymphs was inaugurated at Bishwo Shahitto Kendro on International Women's Day. The group exhibition features artworks from a range of artists, both promising and prominent. 

Novelist Selina Hossain was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony, while Professor Shahjahan Ahmed Bikash, Chairperson, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Development Alternative, and Dr Rashid Anim, Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Jagannath University were the special guests.            




 The artworks were collected based on an open call on social media and no barriers were placed on the content of the submitted paintings. However, staying true to the name of the show which is derived from Greek mythology, the artists were required to use only water based media - watercolour and acrylic.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Speaking to one of the organisers of the show revealed that the event was arranged by a group of four women all from different professional backgrounds. As a group, this is their third exhibition. In the future, the artists hope to continue organising shows on International Women's Day and give a unique platform to female artists who might otherwise not have the avenue to be represented.



The artworks featured were diverse in the styles and portrayed subjects. From watercolour paintings of flowers and rural landscapes in light washes to deeply textured impressionistic renders of seas and lakes in acrylics, were showcased. Many of the paintings could be directly traced to the artist's portrayal of womanhood with the inclusion of feminine figures and related features. Meanwhile, other artworks seemed to be merely the gateway to expression, as many of the featured women are involved in separate fields at home and at work.                                                                                                           


Mahfuzur Rahman' was one of the participant of this prominent and prestigious exhibition . Two of his painting Flourishing Motherhood I and Flourishing Motherhood - III was exhibited at the gallery of Bishwo Shahitto Kendro

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