Virtual Art Exhibition 2020 organized by ZOBRA the art village.

Zobra is a village, an inspiration, and a source of creativity after all. It is situated nearby the University of Chittagong. It is a clean and orderly village with an opportunity of beautiful sightseeing. Due to the Department of Fine Arts of the university, many well-known and famous painters and sculptor’s like Rashid Chowdhury (Painter and specialist on Trapestry), Murtaza Bashir (Painter), Syed Abdullah Khalid (Famous Sculptor of ‘Oporajeyo Bangla), Mansur Ul Karim (Painter), Abul Mansur( Famous Artist and art critic), Ansar Ali (Print Making) Shafiqul Islam (Painter) Dhali Al Mamun ( Painter) and many more took the opportunity to taste the pleasant and amusing experience of creativity, art, and culture in this village. Renowned economist Dr. Muhammad Younus implemented his microcredit formula here, which received appreciation across the globe. Therefore the significance of this village is immense. the group is named named by this village for its historical significance of art, culture, and economy. We believe it will become a Global Art Village – a place for all the artists and creative fellows all around the world. Welcome to our Art Village. Your presence will heighten the value and spirit of this village.


during the time of covid 19 they have organized an online virtual exhibition for the 1st time to encourage the enthusiastic artists . Mahfuzur Rahman was one of the participant in this exhibiton . His painting "Grim reflection" was exhibited in their virtual gallery .


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