“International Mother Language Day” Art Exhibition Organized by Funun Art

In honor of International Mother Language Day, 40 brilliant painters gathered to Exhibit 49 stunning artworks and engage in live painting. The exhibition organized by Funun Arts and supported by Mahfuz Canvas, aims to promote the subject of this significant day while honoring linguistic and cultural diversity.

Mahfuzur Rahman participated along with 20 bangladeshi artist, Mahfuzur Rahman's organization Mahfuz Canvas supported the bangladeshi artist to participate in this international pretigious event.


The event was inspired by UNESCO's commitment to acknowledge the importance of languages in building cultural understanding. The Art Exhibition and live painting event presented a one-of-a-kind opportunity to honor and convey the beauty of mother tongues via artistic works.

The group art show and live painting event was widely anticipated by art enthusiast and language activists. A spectacular collection of 49 intriguing artworks covered the exhibition, each symbolizing the rich cultural legacy linked with distinct mother tongues. The vast spectrum of creative styles and materials demonstrated the participating artists' ability and inventiveness.

Visitors to the show were able to immerse themselves in the bright world of art while also remembering the value of mother tongues. They were attracted by the exhibited artworks' thought-provoking images and exquisite details, which served as a testament to the power of artistic expression.

The live painting event, in addition to the art display, brought an interactive and dynamic aspect to the celebration. Attendees saw fresh artworks being created in real time as artists passionately brought their thoughts to life on paint. Visitors were able to watch the artistic process firsthand and interact with the artists on a personal level thanks to this fascinating experience.

The gathering developed a sense of community and appreciation for society's various language history. It served as a reminder of the need of conserving and appreciating mother tongues as essential components of cultural identity. The show used art to promote discussion, understanding, and respect for diverse languages and cultures.


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