“Asia Prestige Award” Artist of the Year 2023

"Prestige Award, UK" Honors Mahfuzur Rahman the founder of Mahfuz Canvas as "Asia Prestige Award 2022/23" Artist of the Year.

Mahfuzur Rahman, a renowned artist, is pleased to announce that he has received the prestigious "Asia Prestige Award 2022/23" for Artist of the Year from the "Prestige Award, UK." This prestigious award is a testament to the unwavering dedication and combined efforts of the Mahfuz Canvas team.

The "Asia Prestige Award" recognizes distinction and innovation in a variety of Asian industries. Mahfuz Canvas, under the leadership of its visionary founder Mahfuzur Rahman, has consistently stretched the limits of artistic expression, mesmerizing audiences with its exceptional creations and unparalleled artistic vision.


Regarding Mahfuz Canvas:

Mahfuz Canvas is a leading artist organization established in 2018 with the mission of empowering self-taught artists and providing them with a global forum to exhibit their talent. Through partnerships with international galleries and strategic initiatives, Mahfuz Canvas seeks to bridge the divide between cultures, promote artistic exchange, and elevate emerging artists. Mahfuz Canvas continues to shape the artistic landscape by fostering diversity and creativity through its commitment to fostering talent and providing opportunities. Mahfuz Canvas: Empowering Self-Taught Artists Globally


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