Art Shopping- Dueville by Mecenavie at Dueville, France

Art Shopping in Deauville is one of the editions of the Art Shopping fair organized by MECENAVIE.

The Deauville edition typically takes place over a weekend in the summer and features a diverse selection of artworks from around 80 to 100 exhibitors, including contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs, and digital art. Visitors have the opportunity to meet the artists and gallery owners, as well as purchase artworks directly from them.

One of the extraordinary Blended Impressionism painting titled "Beauty Behind the Pain" byb Mahfuzur Rahman was displayed in this event.

n addition to the art exhibition, the event includes workshops, conferences, and other cultural activities related to the art world. Deauville is a charming seaside resort located on the Normandy coast of France, making the event an excellent opportunity for art lovers to combine their passion for art with a weekend getaway.

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