First Bangladeshi self taught artist to receive a Golden Visa in UAE

As the first Bangladeshi to receive a Golden Visa in Dubai!

The Golden Visa program is a prestigious and highly sought-after status that allows individuals to live and work in the UAE for an extended period, usually up to 10 years. It's a significant achievement and a testament to the individual's talent, hard work, and contribution to the UAE's economy and society.

Mahfzur Rahman is contributing to the art community both in Bangladesh and in the UAE. Art is a universal language that connects people and cultures, and it's heartening to see artists like Mahfzur Rahman making an impact in different parts of the world.

In Bangladesh, Mahfzur Rahman is involved in creating, exhibiting, or promoting art in various forms. He is collaborating with other artists, art organizations & institutions to showcase his work and support the growth of the art community. In the UAE, Mahfzur Rahman have participated in art exhibitions, festivals & events, and showcased his work to a diverse audience. He have also engaged in collaborations with local artists or institutions, bringing his unique perspective and skills to the UAE's dynamic art scene.

Through his contributions to the art community in both Bangladesh and the UAE, Mahfzur Rahman is helping to promote cultural exchange and understanding, and inspiring others to explore their creative talents.



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