Rush to register: Mahfuz Canvas to host student art show in Dubai!


Mahfuz Canvas, a platform for the underprivileged self-taught Bangladeshi artists, is gearing up to host a special overseas exhibition that will offer contemporary painters from this country an opportunity to showcase their artworks in Dubai.

The first edition of this exhibition, titled ‘Annual Student Art Show,’ in collaboration with the UAE's largest art community, the Funun Arts Group, is scheduled to take place in the last week of October. This event will showcase numerous artworks based on the theme of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to the organisers. Mahfuz Canvas was founded by internationally acclaimed Bangladeshi artist Mahfuzur Rahman.

According to the Funun Arts Group, the organisers are anticipating the participation of students from across the world. They expect to showcase 400 paintings at the event, at least 25 of which will be from Bangladeshi artists. By visiting, Bangladeshi artists can easily register for this event till August 31. Participation for Bangladeshi artists will be funded by Mahfuz Canvas.



As part of the plan, Mahfuz Canvas has already taken the initiative with Funun Arts Group to showcase the artworks of fifty Bangladeshi artists in Dubai to celebrate the 51st Victory Anniversary of Bangladesh in December 2022.

These paintings will symbolise Bangladeshi culture, developments and skills. Mahfuz Canvas also intended to participate in Qatar International Art Fair in 2022, World Art Dubai in 2023, and other art exhibitions in Dubai and internationally with the Funun Arts Group.

Mahfuzur Rahman, the founder, said, “Bangladeshi self-taught artists are harassed and ignored in many ways by a group of individuals, and this results in these artists losing their interest in art.” To provide them with equal opportunity, Mahfuz Canvas was founded in 2019, and since then, the entity has organised numerous national events and exhibitions, he said. "It is now time for the self-taught Bangladeshi artists to receive international recognition. I am also a self-taught artist who got international recognition."

Mahfuzur Rahman is the first Bangladeshi artist to ever participate in the UAE’s largest and most prestigious ‘World Art Dubai’ in 2022, both as a solo artist as well as a group participant with the Funun Arts Group. He relocated to Dubai for professional responsibilities in 2020, while adopting the art of painting as a hobby. Since 2020, he has participated at all the art events organised by the Funun Arts Group.



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