Art4you Gallery is pleased to present the “AGAPE – The Unrevealed” exhibit, a group show opening on March 24th and on view through April 8th, 2022. Curated by Jesno Jackson, the exhibition will feature artworks by more than 15 international artists investigating innovative mediums, narratives, and practices. The “AGAPE” exhibit explores in-depth themes of pioneering creativity with artists defying the odds to explore new frontiers with their work. The exhibition features a wide array of mediums, many presented in new and alternative ways, including paintings, sculpture, mixed media, and performance art.

The “AGAPE” exhibit serves as a celebration of creativity, bringing together artists that continue to progress and evolve with artworks that forge into the future. The exhibition presents a number of artists who have pushed boundaries with their different styles and techniques with stories. Sweden-based Danish painter Sujatha Kristensen explores the line between abstraction and representation, while Romanian artist Ruxandra Mocean, is inspired by her artwork by Bible passages or on a purpose of healing, also what the world fails to express. Neha Shailender reinvents herself into non-human forms in an effort to investigate beauty and the grotesque.

Most of her works revolve around the concept of love and compassion that binds people. Indian Artist Anubha explores the delicate medium of silk and the various techniques of color application with her nature paintings, close proximity to mountains, landscapes, and spirituality, while Hannan Bazargad from Iran creates work with magnificent sight, life, and freedom, the world of peace and beauty. Her inspiration is nature bringing her vision to life using mixed media on canvas. UAE-based performance artist and painter from Lebanon – Cynthia Khabsa embodies abstract sociological theories and transforms the language specific to studies of race, gender, nature, and diaspora into materials that can be felt with music and expression of paints, while sculpture artist Nisar Ibrahim uses language as a tool to ”create the question, imagine, empower, with UAE themed sculpture” with his latest work, created for the AGAPE exhibition. Kumar Chadayamangalam navigates a different concept with his creation ‘The Winter ‘ that explores the contemporary elements inboard, while Viraj Gandhi's work is influenced by various emotions of life – happiness, success, triumph, peace, and overcoming dark sadness.

The Japanese Kokeshi doll art, is the muse of Chinese/Filipino Contemporary artist Ang Jing-Jing – watercolorist exhibits, while Reem AlSubiy, Saudi Arabian UAE-based artist showcases the UAE Rulers paintings in realism. Abstract expressionist Jasbir Saggu combines abstract and concrete elements with hard etched oil or acrylic on canvas, exploring geometric abstractions.

Exhibiting Artists: Ang Jing-Jing, Viraj Gandhi, Sujatha Kristensen, Cynthia Kabsa, Kumar Chadayamangalam, Elena Polupanova, Hannan Bazargad, Anubha Kaw, Nisar Ibrahim, Ruxandra Mocean, Neha Shailender, Mahfuzur Rahman, Jesno Jackson, Jasbir Saggu and Reem AlSubiy.

Curatorial Statement:

What does “AGAPE” mean to you? That is the question that I put forth to all of our incredibly talented artists featured in the “AGAPE” Exhibit. Many artists have been forced to find new ways to stay creative, transforming their practice in order to overcome the challenges we have faced as a society. With the closures of the pandemic, we are experiencing a new emphasis on creative programs. Artists are using their work to examine this new world as we now know it. This has been a time of introspection, reflection, and reprioritizing. Many artists have been inspired to expand their practice with new mediums and methods. Whether artists are working with traditional mediums in a new way, incorporating different practices, or re-addressing the themes of their work with a progressive interrogation, we are seeing a new wave of innovative exploration. Artwork featured in the “AGAPE” exhibit explores the narratives of our contemporary culture while addressing prevailing themes of identity, language, cultural heritage, diaspora, the politics of others, quotidian life, the equilibrium between humans and nature, the celestial, the personal, the environment, the afterlife, creativity, beauty, and balance. The “AGAPE” exhibit showcases the groundbreaking work being produced by this diverse group of international artists from locations around the world, including China, Japan, Sweden, Romania, Denmark, India, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, and Bangladesh among others. Each one of these artists has persisted in their artistic endeavors in order to bring into the world something new and inspirational for us to see, hear, and experience.

ABOUT Art4you Gallery: Art4you is a multicultural platform with a mission to promote the exchange of art between the UAE and other countries and to create learning and exhibition opportunities for artists. Over the 4 years, Art4you gallery exhibited many thoughtfully curated solo and group shows, that were documented and presented in aesthetically produced catalogs. Today, Art4you has nearly 120 plus dedicated Royal members & 600 plus artist-activists. We are connected to more than 2000 artists around the world.


Art4you was Founded in 2009 in India by artist, art teacher, art activist, and art curator – Jesno Jackson was initiated to bridge the gap between art and its young connoisseurs, an attempt to bring artworks of artists within the reach of the young, thus cultivated a new breed of art enthusiasts overtime was launched and run in UAE in Sept 2016, Art4you in a short span, established into a leading art gallery community in UAE region that supports innovative work in the field of the visual arts.

Jesno Jackson & Rengi Cherian – The Founders of the community launched Art4you Gallery in Dec 2016 in UAE, were committed to engaging, encouraging, promoting and collaborating with diff corporate, artist volunteers, gallery, media partners, and individuals to foster community-based projects. The gallery born out of love and passion for arts is today an important destination for art lovers and collectors.


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